Can i make money writing articles from home?

Can i make money writing articles from home?

This is one question many skeptical people who want to start an online freelance business ask and i always tell them that it is very possible to start making money writing articles from home.

Our world is over populated!…..not by humans but by texts. Everyday, there is more than a Quadrillion or more words said and written by people from all tribes and races on the planet. There is a constant need to communicate as that is one of the most essential factor for our existence. It is who we are and it is what makes us living, breathing creatures. Individuals and businesses all over the world are striving daily to get the information they need to people out there and they are using every format possible. One of the most employed style which is fast gaining popularity is through writing articles.

This is the age of information and there is an ever increasing desperation to reach people about a new product, service, story, news or some helpful information. The internet provides one of the best sources to dissipate this information to a large audience as quick as possible. Most business men and women are too busy with actually spending their time trying to write articles so they outsource to people who they can be sure will give them the best job for a small fee while they go relax or focus on other aspects of their business. If you want to really make genuine money online, then it is only sensible to capitalize on this opportunity to present yourself as that person for the job.

When you imagine how much websites need to generate content daily just to get organic traffic or reach people quickly, then you would realize how huge this industry is. Infact, this is an industry that yields millions of dollars on a daily basis. Article writing is a lucrative business and i want you to know that you can begin to make money once you join in today.

What do you need to run this business successfully?

1. A PC

A laptop PC is most preferred because you would need to be portable to attend to orders from people all over the world. Your laptop should also boast a strong battery power because of the electricity problems still faced in this country, although there have been improvements in some parts of the country. Nevertheless, you need a battery that can carry you through the minutes and houses of research, writing, proofreading and editing your articles.

2. A Good Data connection

In the article writing business, you will need to first join one of the freelance websites out there (i recommend fiver, see more here). You will need a moderately stable internet connection to create an account on the platform. After registering and setting up your account with them, you will need your data connection up and doing when delivering your orders as most of these orders are timed based. So if you are still battling with opening a page where you need to research for information on say ‘2015 women’s fashion trends’ while your order time which is probably 24 hours has only 10 or 20 minutes left, you can be sure to deliver late as is the case with fiverr or even cancel it all together. And that’s not considering the displeasure of the buyer who may register his displeasure with a negative feedback. All round, any online business require a moderately stable data connectivity to run smoothly.

3. A thorough knowledge of what platform you are using, working with them.

Many people jump on freelance websites to start selling their article services without taking into consideration that there are certain conditions and requirements that must be met before even creating an account in the first place. I have heard a lot of noobs telling me they joined a platform but didn’t make anything after the promise of financial wonders they were promised if they went there. Sometimes i am generous enough to ask for links to their profiles and when i open them, i lose the last strength the pounded yam i just ate was trying to give me.

Using fiverr as an example as this is the platform i am most active, i find things like poor, blurry images used as display or profile pictures, profile descriptions are horrible, with bad usage of English (and they claim to be article writers), their gigs have no effort in them. Some just copy the titles of others word for word, the gig images are stock images, no effort at designing a unique, attractive image with the most basic design software like Adobe Photoshop. Some have no video even when fiverr states that videos sell their services a whooping 220% more. The usual excuse is i don’t know how to create a gig video. Yet they never bother to find out how. I also discover that their gig or service description would make a potential buyer shake his head in disbelief. These and so many other outrageous errors too numerous to mention here are direct products of lack of proper training and knowledge of what they are going into.

Anyone who wishes to join the article writing business should at the very least get trained on working with the websites that offer the freelance writing service. When you know what to do, it comes like second nature to you. Everything from creating accounts to delivering your service professionally would be so easy and you would be smiling to the bank everyday. If you also learn from your teacher well, you’d get to know how to get your funds here in Nigeria from the different platforms. I for one use Payoneer and its served me quite satisfactorily for years now.

So now you know it is possible to actually make money from writing articles on the internet from your living room. Don’t be misled by people who have not been successful because they have refused to learn what to do, apply it if they knew it or even apply it the wrong way because they want to be masters over their teachers. Make up your mind to learn. Invest time, money and effort on it. Don’t be the lazy johnny expecting manna from heaven but be the article writer who knows what he does and is proud to make real money offering one of the best and high quality article writing service on the internet.

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